Some links:

Pity Party - Incredibly destructive indie pop.

Beartato - The adventures of a bear that looks like a potato.

Boxhead - Got too much time on your hands? Then kill zombies while listening to Balance Lost.

||||||slow--education - The work of Scott Jason Smith, comic strips and such

Geeksticals - T-shirts for geeks courtesy of everyone's favourite Robbie Munn

- This is the first band I was in with Tomski, Mattward, and the esteemed Mr Ashley Yeates esquire. We had a laugh, and then slowly collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.

- This started as a place to keep our FAWM songs. Have a look for songs by Mikey D, trading under the name Girls In Uniform and our guitarist, Tomski, who makes awesomely sweet ukelele/glockenspiel songs.

I thought it might be convenient to have all the Wordly Self-Assurance songs in one place so here are the "Nur Ein" tracks, and the Song Fight! ones can be found here.

I have considered making a comprehensive credits list for these songs, but decided against it for 3 reasons:
1) The whole is more than it's composite parts
2) I can't be arsed
3) Glen will probably do it at some point anyway

Man of The Hour
The Blitz
Brain Trust
Kick Start
Unnatural Disaster
Ties of Blood and Water

Blame It On Ginger
Unholy Alliance
Last Call
Heart Shaker
First Blood
Patient Number 7
For the uninitiated, The Worldly Self-Assurance is a band who write songs by sending tracks to each other via email. We are:
- Me, Medway reprazent.
- Melvin, based in Toronto and is our resident production guru and all-rounder.
- Glen, from Hayward (near San Francisco geography fans). He's the axe-wielding, face-melting, child-raising ubernerd of the group.
- Jeremy, from Port Orchard, Jez brings the angelic voice and hit singles.
- Ken, recently joined, also from the bay area and helping out on drums mainly.