It's been a while and we apologise for that because we know Balance Lost is pretty much your favourite band in the world. We've been working double hard, and the first product of this is the new EP, Little Signs, which is available on our Bandcamp. Stop hyperventilating and just go and listen to it, gosh darn it.
We will also be joining Fizzer on his radio show for inappropriate banter and to nurture each other's superiority complexes, apart from Matt, he will be pleasant and courteous the whole time fo' definite.

We have a new "name-your-price" collection of songs entitled Hot Hoty Dogs! up on bandcamp
I felt that Introducing Light Pollution was a bit lacking in rock so this an ideal antidote to that. Short, ill-considered songs with shitty production, yay!

We did a wee session on Fizzer's Radio Show. You should listen to this cos it's like Medway's own version of 6music.

Finally got the new fucking album out
Our ten-year partnership with the great Tomski Uden has come to an end. Sadly, Tom has decided it's time to move on and will not be taking part in future live shows. However, I optimistically anticipate that we shall work together in the future. We would like to pay tribute to the man for all his sweet licks and funky hips over the years.


Action! is now available in a digipak format, which, I think you'll agree, looks sexy as a mofo. Nothing less is deserved for such a classic album (made by such modest people).

The new-ish E.P. Reversing Into Stuff is now edible on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. Have a listen to Mattward and Tomski screaming. Yay!

Expendable Friend and Johnny Cashpoint are coming down to play our next show!
This means you should be there too.

We have a couple of local shows to coincide with the release of our latest E.P. This won't be out until March offically but you can hear the lead track on our SoundCloud page

Most of these songs are dead old, hence the title, but I thought this title was a bit more radio-friendly that "Regurgitating The Same Old Shite" E.P.



If anyone can tell me where to order some Good Ol' Sailor Beer please let me know. I want some more.
Also, John Darnielle was answering questions on Reddit recently. How cool is that?

I heard this really swell remix of an Eternal Summers song by Beach Fossils at the Magnet Magazine site the other day. I don't know who either of them are but it's a really nice track. Plus there's shitloads of other mp3s such as a Stephen Malkmus song about blowjobs that proves he can still write good songs after all.

On second thoughts, scrap that about gigs. Tomski's hurt himself a lot and probably will be out of action for a while. On a more positive note the long-defunct Worldly Self-Assurance have recorded 8 new songs for this years Nur Ein competition. Go have a listen

This year's FAWM is over. The results can be heard here. Once I get my arse in gear this will hopefully turn into a physical release.

It is the time for the Song Fight secret santa known as Gift of Music which means I've covered a song chosen by a complete stranger at random. The subject of this year's cover is "Divine" by Sebastien Tellier. This song was France's 2008 Eurovision entry, fascinating huh? Have a listen, see how I did.


The new album Songs For Thomas Uden is now available from the shop and there are a couple of sample tracks on the music page.
After finishing the recording of this my studio is kind of falling apart so it's gonna need to be primed in time for FAWM which is nearly upon us!

I had some funky new badges made, they can be bought online but if you collar me when you see me I'll probably give you one for nothing.

Forthcoming dates:
  • Tonight @ Yer mother's house

  • But seriously, we got nothin' right now.